Visit Our Farm



The Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse has a long history of agricultural and pastoral use guided by an ethical, responsible, and sustainable approach. Located in the hamlet of Brentwood, in the Town of Islip, in the county of Suffolk, in New York State, the property was purchased by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1896. The grounds served to provide the Sisters and the community with produce and dairy through its early history.

The congregation considers itself holding land in sacred trust and as responsible to work for the ecological health of our earth. in 2015, a land ethic statement was developed and affirmed which will protect the Brentwood lands and other holdings now and into the future.

Our Animals 

There are goats, rabbits, chickens, and bees at the farm. All the animals at Red Fox are used as ambassadors for our community outreach efforts. The animals help teach kids about their natural world, as well as enabling them how to be responsible for other living creatures.